D80DSP is a combination of signal processing and amplifier channels with aux DSP outputs.

Easy access control via front panel is combined with PC and iPad remote controls and wall panel for installation use.

High fidelity, high efficiency class-D power amplifier stages are powered by a switch-mode power supply.

The build-in speaker preset library for all Aura Audio speaker models with highest definition XTA DSP processing.



Number of amplifier channels: 4

Output Power: (per channel)

8 ohms 1000W

4 ohms 2000W

2.7 ohms 2200W

2 ohms 2000W

Output Power: (bridged)

8 ohms 4000W

4 ohms 4000W


Processing: 24bit (ADC and DAC)

Internal sample rate: 96kHz

System THD:  <0.08% (2kW, 1k)

Freq. resp.: 3Hz-30kHz -3dB

Gain; Delay; Polarity; IIR EQ (PEQ, shelving, variQ, all pass, phase, notch, band pass) for each input and output (4 per output, 8 per input)



Input connectors: 4 x XLR (two for AES)

Output connectors: 4 x Speakon

AUX DSP outputs: 4 XLR

Mains connector:  PowerCon

Remote Control: USB (front panel)

Rear Panel: RS485 bus, Direct Ethernet, GPIO Port Dante Audio Network (optional) Up to 32 units can be connected into a closed control network


Dimensions: (mm)

Amplifier 2U/88(h) x 482(w) x 428(d)

Weight: 10kg

Shipping weight 12kg

Shipping box: 250 x 610 x 600




D100 is a four channel high-power Class-D amplifier featuring extremely high fidelity sound with low harmonic distortion, high efficiency and very low weight.


Number of amplifier channels: 4

Output Power: (per channel)

8 ohms 1400W

4 ohms 2700W

2.7 ohms 3700W

Output Power: (bridged)

8 ohms 5400W

4 ohms 7000W


Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (+/-0.5dB)

THD+N at -1dB <0.1% (20Hz-20kHz)

Input CMRR: >60dB

Damping Factor: >400 (8 ohms/1kHz)


Input connectors: (4) XLR

Output connectors: (4) Speakon NL4

Audio Network: (2) Ethernet RJ45 (Optional)

Mains connector: Powercon



483 (19") x 88 (2u) x 428 (mm)

Weight: 10.8kg


Shipping box

600 x 250 x 610 (mm)

Shipping weight: 12.3kg



D2 Amplifiers with fixed processing

D2 amplifiers are Class-D High Efficiency Power Amplifiers with Loudspeaker Management. D-series represents the latest technology in amplifier design featuring extremely high fidelity sound with frequency-independent harmonic distortion performance, high efficiency class-D design and very low total weight.



D2Q is 4 channel (4 x 125W/4ohms) amplifier to be as an independent system amplifier or as an extension amplifier to D80DSP driving anything from i3, i5 or C12 tops to small subwoofers, delay lines or even F-series studio monitors.



D2i is dedicated i-series amplifier featuring 2 in 4 out fixed bi-amp routing for top + sub configuration; i3 and i5 filtering and limiting preset and complimentary subwoofer filtering for Aura Audio XD8, XD10 and XD12 subwoofers.



D2x is 2 in 2 out, extension amplifier to be used fed by D80DSP aux DSP outputs or as an independent system amplifier driving anything from i3, i5 or C12 tops to small subwoofers or delay lines.


All D2 amplifiers are fitted with fixed system controllers for specific loudspeaker including high-pass and low-pass filters, parametric EQ and state-of-the-art optical limiter circuit. Filters can also be bypassed if additional DSP is used such as aux outputs of D80DSP. All models are powered by auto mains voltage sensing switch-mode power supply with over current and over voltage protection system and optimized low noise cooling system.


High-end analog signal path with optical dynamics processing

High fidelity class-D amplifier

Switch-mode power supply

Extremely low, frequency-independent THD performance

Preconfigured loudspeaker management

90% total efficiency



D2Q Output Power (4) 125W/4ohms

D2i Output Power LF (2) 250W/8ohms

D2i Output Power HF (2) 125W/4ohms

D2x Output Power (2) 250W/8ohms

D2x Output Power (2) (2) 125W/4ohms (parallel)

Frequency response: 15Hz-30kHz -1dB

THD+N at -3dB <0.05% (50Hz - 20kHz)

THD+N at +10dB limit <0.5% (1kHz)

Input onnectors: 2 x XLR, 2 x XLR link

Output connectors: 2 x Speakon NL4

(pins 1&2: bi-amp and parallel options)

Mains connector: Powercon



483mm(19") x 44mm(2u) x 400mm

Weight: 5kg

Shipping box: 540 x 85 x 510 (mm)

Shipping weight: 5,5kg


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